Drag seine – middle height 2,5 m, end 1,5 m, Mesh size 20 mm

Drag seine – middle height 2,5 m, end 1,5 m, Mesh size 20 mm - 1
Nylon 20x20/2,1 mm green

Drag seine without core, suitable for fishing in small ponds, basins or stagnant waters, for non-hygroscopic trapping in open water. We use knotless nylon nets, braided nylon ropes with 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm core, PVC floats: brown with a load capacity of 200 g (3 pieces /m) or white ones with a load capacity of 630 g (2 pieces/m). As a load on the underside of the nets, we use a lead rope of 250 g/m or lead rollers of 60 g (4 pieces/m). At the corners of the net are 30 cm stitches to tie the tow rope. For an extra charge you can add wooden scepters (160 cm), 2 pieces – 67 EUR without VAT or (180 cm), 2 pieces – 75 EUR without VAT.

Product price
43,56 EUR / lm
without VAT 36,00 EUR
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Weight1 250 g / lm
Height2,50 m
Mesh size20 mm
Other propertiesMesh size: 20 x 20 mm
Material thickness: 2,1 mm
Height: 2,5 m
Material: Nylon (polyamide)
Color: green
Execution: knotless
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