Protection net, knotted, polyethylene – multifilament 40×40/1,4 mm white

Protection net, knotted, polyethylene – multifilament 40×40/1,4 mm white - 1
PET 45/2,0 mm

Polyethylene (PET) net – knotted. – high strength – UV resistance over the standard – dimensional stability – non-absorbent – snow holds only very badly – 5 years guarantee, lifetime 10 years and more. From a size of more than 40 m² individual networks are added for the final price calculation, in one size from 5000 m² the final price will be calculated individually. We are happy to design the nets and install them, including steel cables. The installation is not included in the price.

Product price
5,57 EUR / m2
without VAT 4,60 EUR
Quantity discounts
11-40 m2
3,34 EUR (-40.05%)
41-100 m2
2,41 EUR (-56.8%)
101-200 m2
2,14 EUR (-61.61%)
201-300 m2
1,90 EUR (-65.85%)
301-1000 m2
1,84 EUR (-67%)
1001-5000 m2
1,67 EUR (-70%)
over 5000 m2
1,50 EUR (-73%)
Enter dimensions
width (m)height (m)
Enter the quantity
Buy 1 m2rightto-cart
Weight95 g / m2
Mesh size40 mm
Other propertiesMaterial: Polyethylene (PE)
Mesh size: 40 x 40 mm
Material thickness: 1,4 mm
Color: dark green
Execution: knotted
Availabilityper order

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